Camera Systems

Fibrescope Inspection System

imagesCA07123IAcuFlow Inspection Technologies' CCTV video inspection services covers a wide array of applications. Qualified technicians arrive when you need them, quickly inspect, and report using state-of-the-art vertical, portable, lateral, and truck-mount inspection camera systems.


This unit is ideally suited to inspections of small diameter, 3/8 " or 8.4 mm , tubing as well as areas that allow a small diameter access point such as a pressure gauge opening into a larger system. Used in conjunction with a flexible guide tube this is a very versatile camera  allowing us to find your problem and providing high resolution pictures as a permanent record.

Used with a working channel,  this system can be used for tool retrieval, fluid injection, or remote tooling. Used on its own it is robust enough to withstand  the most demanding inspection requirements at your plant .


Borescope Inspection System

AcuFlow borescoping inspection service includes boiler tubes, de-lamination and cracks on rotor boards both on and below the surface, monitoring of pipe and tube welds, search for leakage, cracks, intrusion, corrosion, porosity, lack of penetration, slag, undercutting, lack of fusion, just to name a few.


We have a full line of small diameter rigid scopes from 2mm to 10 mm all with direct view, 30 degree, 45 degree, as well as 60 degree lenses which are ideal for performing side view inspections. All of these scopes are run to a conventional viewing monitor and can be recorded onto VHS or the images can be digitalized and archived to a CD ROM or placed into a Power Point presentation.