AcuFlow Services is dedicated to providing internal video inspections of Piping and Mechanical systems using bore scopes, rigid and flexible  fiber scopes, conventional Pipe inspection cameras, submersibles as well as a number of specialty built cameras including high speed and high heat applications.


We are an inspection service provider we do not sell or rent equipment and this allows us to concentrate soley on our core business of providing the best possible inspection services to our customers.


We also do reservoir and municipal water tank cleaning using remote operated ROV s equipped with lights cameras and of course underwater vacuum.

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Our clients cover a diverse range of industries from Petro Chemical, Pulp and Paper, Municipal Water Treatment, Energy, Steel, Automotive, Museums, Engineering Firms, Architectural Conservation, we've even inspected Satellite antennas destined for space!

If you need to get a look inside something, we have the equipment and experience to do the job.