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AcuFlow designs system to enhance Pulp and Paper 

AcuFlow Services has developed a new camera system specifically designed for inspecting Felt rolls. This new process allows Felt rolls to be inspected quickly and efficiently during scheduled shutdown while the felt is removed and the roll is free to be rotated. The purpose is to locate any small cracks, corrosion or anomalies on the surface of the roll before they become a major problem resulting in injury or lost production time.


A custom made guide bar is positioned across the width of the roll on the paper machine, a stabilizing bar is attached at either end to tighten to the machine framework. This allows us to fine tune the positioning and insure it is level to the roll.

Prior to each roll inspection the individual roll number or (part designation) is recorded onto the videotape followed by the inspection itself. A miniature camera with integral lighting is inserted into the guide bar and is then moved laterally across the entire roll length. As every roll location is different within the context of the machine some rolls can be done in 2 passes i.e.: 1 half roll, rotate the roll and draw the camera back while recording the 2nd pass. Depending on the individual case some rolls require 4 passes, meaning the roll is inspected as 4 quarters.


This is a two person operation and an average roll can be fully inspected and recorded onto Videotape in under 15 minutes. We are extremely careful during deployment and removal to not come into contact with the roll face.


Please feel free to send an email or call to find out how we can save you time and unexpected downtime on your next shutdown.


And remember, in Pulp and Paper, we are your source for internal inspections of Pulp Presses, Taper Headers, Head Box Tubes, Heat Exchangers, Recovery Boilers, Evaporator Tubes, Boiler tubes, Dryer Cans, Tanks, Silos, Gear Housings, Process Lines, as well as Pressure Vessels.