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AcuFlow helps preserve historic statuesbronx_community


AcuFlow Services works with Historical Plaster Conservation Services on unique project

Internal Inspection and Restoration of 16 Life Size Statues at Bronx Community College, New York City

AcuFlow Services was pleased to be selected to participate in this very unique project.

This project was located at the Gould memorial library, designed by Sanford White of McKim Mead and White, built in 1897 at the present site of Bronx Community College, New York.

During planning for an extensive restoration of the coffered ceiling in the main rotunda it was discovered several statues, located atop a balustrade, on a mezzanine had come loose from the main base they were mounted on. The bases consisted of a two tiered platform and the top tier had become separated from the bottom.

This posed a number of problems, first and foremost was the safety issue, these were standing approximately 50 feet above the main floor. Second, these statues formed an integral part of the original design and it was hoped a method of consolidating the separated joints with minimal intervention could be found.

A 15mm or 3/4" opening was drilled into the base of the statues allowing a 8.4mm or 3/8" flexible fiber scope, fitted with a small hose and spray nozzle, to be inserted into base. The joint of the two tiers could be clearly viewed and through the use of the spray nozzle, attached to a pump, the internal joint was spray injected with a liquid bonding agent.

The flexible fiber scope combined with the articulation capabilities allowed the entire joint to be treated from one opening. The joint was first sprayed with a neutralizer followed by one application of 50% bonding agent/drying agent followed by 100% bonding agent.

The results were a complete strong adhesion of the two base sections with minimal restoration required to repair the 3/4" opening.